Dr. Christina Baran Gray

100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor in Wilmington, NC 28411



Chandler Hnatko
Satisfied Patient

“Dr. Gray is wonderful! My whole family has been seeing her for a while now. I love that her prices are extremely affordable so we can all get regular adjustments. I know I can trust her for not only my own health but also my sons’ (19 months and 2 weeks old). My boys love their adjustments and Dr. Gray is always so sweet and gentle with them. We appreciate her practice as an important tool for our family’s health.”

Jonia Pittman Smith
Satisfied Patient
“Dr. Gray is a wonderful chiropractor and a wonderful Christian who does not mind praying with you. She definitely keeps me going with my neck and back. Love her!”
Cassie Richardson
Satisfied Patient

“super nice people my first time visit i felt very comfortable and welcomed”

Teryl Lane
Satisfied Patient
“Dr. Gray is an angel and her hands are blessed! I have been recommending her for years. I absolutely love her and her work! God bless you!!”
Abbie Rae Bullard
Satisfied Patient
“I went and saw Dr Grey today for the first time and was blown away by the love and care I received in her office. She quickly identified the areas in my spine out of alignment and gave me one of the best adjustments I’ve ever had. Prior to visiting her office today I was unable to look up above, or turn to see my blind spot while driving without experiencing pain and dizziness, and loss of vision. When I left her office after just one adjustment and I turned to look behind me to back up, and my neck had a huge range of motion! I didn’t get dizzy, and felt no pain and could easily turn to see! Thank you Dr Grey for your incredible gift of chiropractic!”
Roy Holdford
Satisfied Patient
“Dr Gray is AWESOME. By far the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. A++++”