I am a chiropractor and this is what I’m about.  People from all walks of life, from infant to seasoned adult, from active to  sedentary, male or female, symptom-free to in-pain, seek natural solutions to  achieve optimal, peak efficient functioning bodies to live in.   That’s my job. That’s what I do.   Why? Because I know that healing comes from above-down-inside-out and it  travels the nervous system to do so. Information travels from central  command station (brain) down the spine, into the body, tells the body what  to do and the body reply's back with signals going up the spine (like the path  around a safety pin called “the safety pin cycle”) and into the brain again,  telling the brain that everything is in balance, homeostasis, equilibrium…or is  it?   Our method to find out "if it is" or to find interruptions in your spinal nervous  system is by using the computerized Spinal Electromyography Scanner or  SEMG. This is your initial exam. This test will tell me if your spine/nervous  system is malfunctioning (therefore you may or may not have symptoms)  leading me to determine if and where there are subluxations (a "sickness"  condition in the body). A subluxation occurs because of life stress upon the  body and nervous system, thus, your power system is shut down similar to  an electrical outage in a room of your house. To turn the power back on in  your body and restore life, I adjust your spine, ever so specific and gentle  yet direct and qualified. After the adjustment, your body reorganizes, circuits  restored, power is turned on, energy is up and your are in an elevated state  of healing. This is chiropractic, and then you are on your way to getting well  again. Some patients say they sleep better, eat better, loose weight, sickness  and disease resolve and they feel and are healthy again.    Please remember that your healing comes from within you. Do you need to  do anything else? Yes! You must now feed your body healthy foods, do  exercise daily, supplement your body with extra nutrients and have a healthy  spiritual life (and you thought you were done!).  I will show you how to do  these things. I hope you will bring your entire family in to get adjusted.  Stress impacts us all, from birth to death. I have adjusted my fees (no pun  intended) so that your whole family can be under care and still afford it. This  will be the smartest thing you have done for yourself and your family. See  you in the office and we'll talk. 
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Fees: Initial Exam:  $70    Adjustments: $28     Any Family Member Same Day Adjustments are $8 
Dr. Gray just received the distinguished award of Chiropractor of the Year 2019 at Life University!